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Intelligent household system classifies Nikezhi to be able to live in a system (
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One, the development existing state of affairs that domestic intelligence lives in and product characteristic

The definition that 1 intelligence lives in

Intelligence is lived in from on 80 time promote the century result Japan and Euramerican, 90 time end introduces China. Accompany the rapid development of domestic economy, especially in last few years the prosperity of real estate, the countryman rises increasingly to the requirement of residential environment, the idea that intelligence turns household already was people to place understands stage by stage and be accepted. The level that lives in intelligence to change a system often makes an assessment a building dish or the important basis of villatic class.

Say objectively, because the application of new technology of the rapid development of science and technology, new product emerges in endlessly, not contemporaneous, the different area of contemporaneity, the understanding that people lives in to intelligence and application are endless and identical. Union is carried out a few this years in domestic development, integrated all sorts of learning viewpoints, we live in the definition with proper the next to intelligence: Intelligent household is modern science and technology and the result that living environment art combines, it offers comfortable safety, high grade for people and delightful domesticity space, the harmony that realizes person and environment and can develop continuously; It is a muti_function technical system, its have the capacity that cooperates in coordination between numerous functional subsystem; Be it is a foundation with the technology, it is a method in order to serve, with client demand (is not with the product) for the center, it is the soul with technical culture, through measuring a body custom-built type serves, the personalized system that serves business manufacture to have distinguishing feature each for different user by major of the intelligence that occupy the home. Be aimed at Chinese national condition, we ask intelligent household wants to have the following essential factor: Moving stability is changed, control is changed dispersedly, the system is compositive change, the function is practical change, operation human nature is changed, diversification of applied individuation, choice, can expand continuously change.

This shows, intelligent household is concept of administrative levels of a system, it covered all many sided that can affect people to live in building environment administrative levels. With respect to actual application character often has the following system: Can inspect to telling, how is the family prevented, control of illume of network news report, interactive entertainment, intelligence, home appliance. If afore-mentioned systems are alone configuration or each other isolated operation, that is not accorded with " the intelligence that occupy the home " real significance. We are in with respect to intelligent household system under applied circumstance of home, one is done to review in product technology and applied level with discuss.
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