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Defeat fraud of solution a two-man act: The new issue that v/arc a well-traveled
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Foreword: The art of a two-man act of bilk -- a two-man act is the oldest way in legerdemain, " dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " it is such annotate a two-man act of this entry: 1, a kind of quyi, one person performs an act, one person hides in be from the back or say or sing, each other closes suitably; 2, the analogy just appears personally, the activity that one party backside operates. Between real life, having a lot of cheater is to cite this kind of method cheats a two-man act victim, they pretend to promote the consignor of the product, often search " hold in the palm " the travelling merchant to want money, set just a little " hold in the palm " even more " hold in the palm " echo each other, the person that sing is serious, the person that mix is peremptory, have huge to cheat a gender. Although a two-man act appears in street fraud more, but between market trade also commonner,

Like nowadays socially common " high polymer cloth " acting cheater is commonly used this kind of legerdemain will cheat people, fetching enter a bow drawn to the full.

[Case reproduces] : The new issue that v/arc a well-traveled comes up against

Liu Zhongying also is v/arc a well-traveled, the experience that his set up shop does a factory to also have more than 20 years, never had cheated to you. Unexpectedly, grow the inn in oneself this actually in, call him to find both funny and annoying really.  

On September 22, leave in him in way of victory of Jin Hua city 8 steam matchs inn in, the bald man that came to 50 years old fluctuate, market a product that belongs to wear-resisting agent for Namijin, he gives the calling card that go up is " Chinese Wuhan yuan with science and technology business of development limited company sponsors Meng Chao " . Liu Zhongying is paid no attention to, because " the person that will come to promote everyday is very much " . Bald man keeps a data, took out 3 bottles of products to go as sample.

Morrow, came a youth, bought agent of a bottle of wear-resisting. 29 days, came to two wear a circle to get singlet of for military use, army the man of pants, say to want to buy agent of 7 bottles of wear-resisting. On October 5, leave at the door the inn of heart of bright red cliff come to to hang " for military use " the Sangdana of plate. The car comes to 3 to wear up and down " military uniform " person (among them a 29 recently pass) , professing is ** of the Chinese People's Liberation Army " team of special type the Ministry of War in feudal China " , use the wear-resisting agent of bright red boss last, economy is practical, so 8 700 bottles are bought again before day. The person that one each weighs Li Gu is long rips a package, show the ready money inside intentionally, bright still bright red " officer testimony " . Face this accident deal, laoliu loses his head a bit. 3 men remind old Liu Ke to want money directly to manufacturer then. Laoliu looks for that piece of business to sponsor Meng Chao's calling card to call then, the clerk that the other side tells Liu the boss to there is a Xu Guang making bridge in the factory is in justice black, liu Ke and he is contacted.
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