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Residential intelligence changes future to live in the trend of development
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The main goal that intelligence lives in is to be people to offer a comfortable, safety, convenient with efficient surroundings. Intelligence lives in a product to be equipment of household environment, home appliance to offer to share receive a center, the intelligent administration that achieves pair of family environments and its equipment, long-range management, concentration management and resource are shared. It includes: Accuse in intelligence implement, electrical outlet of switch of all-pervasive remote controller, scene remote controller, intelligence, intelligence and collect line box. The different combination of particular product unit, will make different functional system.

Expert viewpoint

Construction ministry science and technology appoint center of promotion of development of intelligent building technology releases a report to say recently, our country intelligence builds the market to having tremendous market potential. According to statistic, the 5 % that at present intelligent architectural invests to occupy a building to always invest about comes 8 % , some can amount to 10 % .

Among them, residential village intelligence changes a system to invest 60 yuan or so to be every square metre on average. The report is forecasted, "15 " during, area of complete of accumulative total of countrywide urban and rural residence will amount to 5.7 billion square metre, if press the half the number that town house complete plans to realize intelligence to turn consideration, "15 " during amount to 81 billion yuan with the investment that changes a system at intelligence, the foreground of development of intelligent residence village that builds market main force as intelligence is considerable.

Get up in the morning, the curtain is opened automatically, the microwave oven of the kitchen begins to cook breakfast. You are listening to come from Internet custom-built early a news, the program that just gets is arranged and l of i of E- m a already downloaded PDA automatically from computer in so that be read on the road. After going out, the equipment in the home is shut automatically, how to prevent supervisory system to start... " this is the description that lives in to prospective intelligence now.

Village administrator provides all sorts of information through the server, resident can know news of the news current events of domestic abroad, finance from which, all sorts of announcements of the village serve with what offer; In the meantime, have copy remotely express and automatic plan cost function, reduce the difficulty of property management, achieve the high quality administration of residential specific power consumption. How to prevent a system to use the safe position of family of electronic equipment monitoring, install urgent pushbutton, how to prevent personnel, owner to issue warning to property in real time. Afore-mentioned installing prevent measure to remove already net of birdcage type guard against theft is right of the person manacle, the direct contact with implementation natural support of the people, raised pair of families again the response rate of all sorts of alarm, reduced possibility of domestic worth losing, achieved human nature is changed and practical the unity that change.
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