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Intelligent household system classifies Nikezhi to be able to live in a system (
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3, control function is rich: Can mix a lot of the subsystem that has LonWorks interface is convenient and compositive, for example, can be opposite air conditioning system has temperature, wind speed in the center of the small-sized family expenses of villatic and useful most DAIKIN, open stop, the set of all sorts of parameter such as mode changeover.

4, the system is compositive and simple: Stem from the consideration of security, how to prevent a system to often ask to become independent a network, the system of Nico can be mixed of common independence how to prevent systematic linkage, do not affect the signal that how defends a system to transmit safety again.

5, human nature changes, the control man-machine interface that individuation, art changes: The man-machine interface of Nico system basically has glass to feel air conditioning of type setting face plate, LCD to hang liquid crystal of TFT of PDA of wall face plate, remote control, color to feel screen to wait, operation interface basis is indoor decorate a style to measure a body to order make.

6, strong weak report is separate, modular control: Face plate switch uses low-pressure DC12~24V power supply, without safe hidden trouble. Installation of slideway of control module standard controls box at strong report, systematic wiring and function are patulous and convenient easy travel.

7, high-power is laden: Of Nico advocate accuse module every loop but the power facilities of drive 2000W.

8, international attestation: The product of Nico passed LonMark3.3 attestation and CE attestation.

3, Nikezhi can product introduction

1. Touch switch of face plate charging pattern (Keypad)

Its are main the characteristic is:

● hits function key charging pattern and provide but the program changes a function, according to is different demand set is different behavioral mode.

A variety of color bias light compensation design ● , accord with contemporary tide and convenient and nightly differentiate.

● aluminium makes face plate course grind sand preparation specially, provide freeboard to feel character; Press face plate of the material that overcome force, offer more to plant color choice, in order to cooperate installation decorate is designed in the place.

● built-in CPU, can make one control system alone.

● is touched accuse key-press design to be able to be ordered according to client demand do, achieve appearance of to in an attempt to to replace character and the convenient sex that realize different written language.

● size and tradition 86 bulk are identical, do not need additional starting a hole or change.

2. Digital dimmer (Dimmer)
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