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The newest development of GPON technology and standard
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GPON technology is to be based on the passive of newest generation broadband of ITU-TG.984.x standard to receive a technology integratedly solely, have tall bandwidth, efficient, big enclothe interface of limits, user to abound wait for numerous advantage, implementation be regardinged as by most operation business to receive network business broadband to change, the good technology that synthesization transforms.

GPON technology traceable began the ATM-PON technology standard that forms gradually 1995, PON is English " passive optical network " abbreviate. And GPON(Gigabit-CapablePON) was put forward the earliest in September 2002 by FSAN organization, ITU-T is made in what ITU-TG.984.1 and G.984.2 finished in March 2003 on this foundation, standardized with what finished G.984.3 in June in Feburary 2004, the standard that formed GPON finally thereby a group of things with common features.

The facility that is based on GPON technology is primary structure and already some PON are similar, also be by the) of terminal of OLT(light road of bureau end, the terminal of ONT/ONU(optical network of the client side or call optical network unit) , before join two kinds of equipment by Chan Moguang fine (SMfiber) and passive are prismatic implement (the ODN(light that Splitter) comprises allocates a network) and composition of net canal system.

The technical standard of GPON

To other PON levels, GPON standard offerred unprecedented tall bandwidth, rate of be issued to lower levels is as high as 2.5Gbit/s, its are asymmetrical character can get used to broadband data business more. Provide the whole business safeguard of QoS, bear the weight of at the same time ATM is believed yuan and (or) GEM frame, have the capacity that provides QoS of service grade, support very well to assure to be received with whole business. Bear the weight of when GEM frame, can go to TDM business map in GEM frame, the frame of 8kHz(125 μ S) of use standard, can support TDM professional work directly. Regard the technology of telegraphic class as the standard, GPON still provided the protective mechanism that receiving net level to go up and complete OAM function.

In GPON standard, the business kind that specific provision needs to support includes data business (Ethernet business, include IP business and MPEG video to flow) , PSTN business (business of POTS, ISDN) , industrial siding (T1, E1, DS3, E3 and ATM business) with video business (digital video) . The map of much professional work in GPON is believed to ATM yuan or undertake conveying in GEM frame, to all sorts of business the type can offer corresponding QoS to assure. GPON technology allows the market potential with operation business respective basis and specific control environment, specific aim ground provides the specific professional work that its client place needs.

Current, GPON technology, equipment is relatively sophisticated. GPON bears the weight of the advantage such as the much business that has QoS safeguard and powerful OAM ability, change for cost with the complexity of technology and equipment greatly, make relevant facility cost higher thereby. As the development of GPON technology and large-scale application, the cost of GPON equipment will drop.
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