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Net of Shandong province Linyi is connected optimize urban cable network
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Go oneself since annual bottom, shandong Linyi net is connected optimize network structure further, advance network confluence energetically, raise the utilization rate of resource, obtained apparent effect.

The near future, linyi net is understanding a hand to the urban district network of cable of 4 centers main force undertakes optimizing adjustment, satisfy the requirement that business grows further, make sure the urban district runs a department especially the demand of key client business, for business development has been done prop up strongly. Adjustment key is to be aimed at the network that receives a layer to undertake optimizing. Adjust receive trunk cable annulus, satisfy the requirement that near future network expands; Adjust accept network structure, contented and long-dated network expands demand.

As we have learned, linyi net is connected will around appear transition of level key business, company and development strategy, act on a key to reach the principle that application and appreciation business tilt to informatization, broadband, adjust minute of pace to carry out to the network according to demand for service. After the project is finishing, will improve network structure greatly, make network structure more reasonable, the development inside 5 years needs OK and contented the city zone, also be managed for the market and business development provides the firm and strong safeguard that prop up.

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