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FTTH technology develops trend report
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In the near future, euramerican FTTP/FTTH network construction will warm up stage by stage, asia-Pacific area will make the FTTH market with the biggest whole world, china will make the main point of growth of user of Asia-Pacific area FTTH, and, china is in there will be FTTH inside a year recently relevant control sex policy comes on stage.

2006, as IPTV, the occurrence of the tall bandwidth business such as network game, user butt joint enters the demand of bandwidth to will increase further, the existing broadband that gives priority to with ADSL receives means to had satisfied an user very hard to wait for the requirement of the respect to tall bandwidth, two-way transmission ability and security. Business of operation of each country telecommunication delivers the view of attention to FTTH, this transmits fine of plan benefit consumed best up to now medium will break through those who receive " bottleneck " . FTTH is regarded as to issue generation broadband to receive technical delegate, it is future " last kilometer " final shape. To Chinese market, all the time since the social environment that people thinks build FTTH in great quantities and condition had be notted have, the likelihood needs to await period of time. And 2006, rise in price as cupreous material, relatively fiber-optic the cost that receives is dropping stage by stage, what each district accepts a web is fiber-optic change a process to also begin to warm up gradually.

Face the change of competition and market and challenge, sai Di adviser releases " 2006-2007 year China is fiber-optic to door (FTTH) market studies year reports " . According to Sai Di advisory statistic data makes clear, number of global broadband user is at present highest is China, United States, Japan and Korea, 4 person 70% what the sum has exceeded global broadband user. Outside dividing China, other the country with rapidder development of a few broadbands has begun extensive development FTTH. Among them Japan is the country with FTTH the rapiddest development, to the end of September 2006, FTTH user of Japan has achieved 7.2 million, house world the first. Development of FTTH of United States of the corresponding period is advance rapidly more, to 2006 the 3rd quarter, amount of American FTTH user is compared grow 49% first quarter, achieve 1 million, rank the world the 2nd. Korea case is more complex, as a result of the sufficient progress of broadband market, its broadband permeability has held the whole world 4 years continuously the first, but begin to drop from 2006, had dropped at present the whole world the 4th. Add in recent years, ARPU of business of operation of Korea firm network is worth year after year to drop, make the promotion that Korea industry values FTTH and business of demand of corresponding big bandwidth highly in recent years and development. In addition get demand for service of burgeoning big bandwidth drive, to the end of 2005, user of FTTH of European each country has achieved 665 thousand, although, european country lags behind at the developed country such as day Han beauty far, but, enter after 2006, country of a lot of Europe also begins extensive development FTTx stage by stage.
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