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10G new product faces cable of 6 kinds of copper and bit server
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Manufacturers of 3 not quite famous equipment of local area network rolled out product of their 10G aether network last week, these products initiated new product category, domain of may adumbrative local area network will have new progress.

Chelsio company and Tehuiti company allege oneself are the first releases 10GBase-T server adapter firm inside course of study, this kind of product can be in 6 kinds or 10Gbps aether network runs on cable of 7 kinds of copper. The message of two companies is last week 4 release. Predict they want at least nevertheless March ability consign product. Meanwhile, the module of switching equipment of 10G aether network that company of Blade Network Technologies announced to roll out the first to face bit server box.

The product of Chelsio company is adapter of server of only port 10GBase-T, apply to system of standard PCI-Express bus line, support network of aether of 10G of full duplex operation. This blocks can automatic induction join of thousand aether net, work in 1000Base-T. The product of Tehuiti company is card of net of double port 10GBase-T. These two products are based on the IEEE 802.3an standard that establishs for net of aether of 10G of cable of copper of double skeining thread, this standard was approved last year in September.

The module of switching equipment of 10G aether network that company of Blade Network Technologies says to it rolled out the first to face bit server, this is one is what system of IBM BladeCenter H and HT system develop to be based on wire mould of fiber-optic aether of 20 port 10G piece. This card is the technology of 2/3 layer switching equipment with Nortel is a foundation, for IBM BladeCenter box medium server module offers net of 6 10G aether to go up link port and port of link of 14 be issued to lower levels. This product will be sold by IBM company Feburary, the price 9800 dollars.

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