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"PLC " should be in sober in before row
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Media coverage said recently: Power line gets online (PLC) realized a technology to break through, receive bandwidth to be as high as 200Mbit/s, bandwidth of before was being broken through two acting PLC(14Mbit/s, 45Mbit/s) insufficient, transmission distance is opposite shorter technical bottleneck, solved the problem such as interference of signal attenuation, noise better, and network stability, unobstructed.

Indeed, the market is received in the broadband " move again and again " in report flies China, have this eventually " if really " repair. Electric power general with the very preponderance exert of 200M tall bandwidth its chase the deer-fight for the throne the broadband receives the market " one's trump card " , can see, use electric power to get online round-the-clock on-line characteristic, video of ﹑ of speech of implementation data ﹑ and electric power at an organic whole " 4 nets syncretic " the dream that becoming electric power!

Today in this open telegraphic market, each businessman " chase the deer-fight for the throne " the market should need to encourage, because its advantage is,bring material benefit to common people. With respect to PLC character, after all its convenient, economy, very large dominant position is had in the telegraphic market such as domestic local area network, remote region, however the author thinks, PLC comes round to look with respect to eye, it just receives a kind of means, not be the tendency that prospective broadband develops!

With respect to transmission medium character, PLC and line get online and do not have distinction, it is to use metallic lead to serve as transmission medium, different is both place only the transmission frequency that suit is different (PLC is 1.7MHz ~ 30MHz) commonly. And power line gets online besides other technology difficult problem, still two big questions cannot get essential sex to solve from beginning to end: It is the electric line of force that does not have screen measure can resemble launching aerial to produce radiation of high frequency electromagnetism to the space euqally when transmitting high frequency and telegraphic signal; The 2 copper that are he and telegraphic net exist like skeining thread " last kilometer " or " 100 meters last " receive an issue. The data shows: The west that includes Germany inside the law of a few countries, the electromagnetism that also gets online to power line shot a problem to do relevant restricted to set. Japan also thinks, the place of high speed PLC of several Mbit/s above needs frequency to undertake commerce opens existence difficulty.

Although data of a few research also shows online top speed of electric line of force can achieve 200Mbit/s, countless times faster than ISDN means, but the highest and academic career that a few people think this is power line gets online only, and those who point to is one kind shares bandwidth, if go to these resource allocation,each specific user desktop became the concept of tape. The report says, the big company of much home internationalization that includes Xi Menzi inside announces suddenly recently, lay aside the research of power line online item to develop. Because power line gets online,be the data that cannot realize high quality is transmitted allegedly. Because power line gets online,use copper cash to get online, cannot absoluteness on copper cash ground promotes transmission data the potential of communication capacity.
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