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FTTH suffers be restricted much, progress is slow
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On January 26, 2007, by Information Industry of MII China electron development academy is sponsorred, inc. of Sai Di adviser undertakes " annual meeting of market of 2007 China communication " hold ceremoniously in Beijing.

On the meeting, report of Chen Wen of general manager of research center of advisory communication industry expresses Sai Di, in FTTH respect, because its are had bigger receive bandwidth and good performance, FTTH gets all the time each square widespread attention inside course of study. But from in last few years in light of development, the is in charge of an element bringing about FTTH progress of many sided is relatively slow.

Electric introduction goes to Chen Wen, to FTTH in recent years the problem of slow progress, sai Di adviser thinks should hold from below a few one respects:

Above all, the height that should follow national informatization from the government namely will promote the development of FTTH. Be in the United States, because the government is right of FTTH support energetically, and to policy of broadband video business unlock, american FTTH develops in what there is a special push ahead vigorously inside a year recently. Japan begins to had planned with very long-term development 2003 from 2000, this makes Japan has the FTTH with the greatest whole world to receive the market now. Chinese government from the last few years, also driving 3 nets confluence all the time, and in the country in 863 projects, undertook to the construction of broadband, network very old policy supports.

Next, from the point of business level, because FTTH market competition is very intense, operation business and burgeoning operation business are searching main body to cut a point newly, how fostering new-style business just is the real purpose that builds FTTH finally. From whole for, the choice of all sorts of plan is the balance that is based on cost and function, final ability decides the basis of significant investment.

Again, from the point of competitive mechanism, intense market competition can bring about the profit of operation business to drop, of business expenses reduce the demand that also spurs the market jointly with appearance, benign competitive mechanism can promote the development with benign market, business of OK also and exciting operation is right the operation of new technology, also have very big gain so to the development of FTTH.

In addition, between the development process of fiber-optic cable, from the point of the development posture 2006, homebred fiber-optic cable moves toward an international market gradually, and operation business of home also begins to climb to the demand of fiber-optic cable litre. 2006, exit of homebred fiber-optic, cable has 7 areas and national above, total exit exceeded kilometer of 4 million core. Our country has Thailand, India in main exit country, include the southeast Asia country such as Vietnam, at present home produced the manufacturer of a gleam of of fiber-optic, cable to make enormous contribution to the development of fiber-optic cable.
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