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Be prosperous is fiber-optic G.657 is fiber-optic (FTTH is used) technical commu
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On January 9, 2007, limited company of fiber-optic science and technology holds Jiangsu be prosperous " be prosperous is fiber-optic -- G.657 is fiber-optic (FTTH is used) technical communication informal discussion " , hold again in Wu Jianglong. Qian Jianlin of general manager of photoelectricity of Gao Anmin of fiber-optic general manager, be prosperous and relevant leader and the client that come from and other places of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong represent be prosperous in all 30 more than person attended the meeting. Chapter of Sun Xiong of fiber-optic selling manager chaired be prosperous the conference.

The conference above all by be prosperous fiber-optic general manager Mr Gao Anmin causes greeting decline to delegate attending the meeting. Xu Tongmao of committee of major of cable of telecommunication cable of association of Chinese communication industry, Mr Zhou Zhongqi introduced industry of Chinese fiber-optic cable and market to develop a case. Be prosperous is fiber-optic produce total deputy Mr Yin Gongbing with respect to be prosperous to delegate attending the meeting the research and development of fiber-optic G.657 product, technology and production made detailed introduction. Finally, representing attending the meeting were made with respect to market of fiber-optic cable industry and technical development development communication and discuss, and with respect to be prosperous the quality of fiber-optic product, brand, use circumstance undertook communicating. Hope be prosperous is fiber-optic make persistent efforts, providing high grade product and service to the client while, increase innovation and the strength that the brand popularizes, strategy of executive internationalization brand, challenge most advanced, pursuit outstanding.

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