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The foundation of data center network of new generation builds a demand
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20 centuries 60 time, period of large scale computer begins rudiment of occurrence data center. Just put forward IDC formally 1996 (Internet data center) concept and implement this one system truly, basically provide computer room establishment and bandwidth service for enterprise user. Our country also is offerred a few main engine by Chinese telecommunication 1996 mandatory serve with Internet information.

Generally speaking, data center is to be individual or establishment of the data processing of many enterprises, memory, communication offers a when deposit a space or a group of area of couplet net. Its are covered an area of can be the somewhere in the building or whole special building only. The purpose of data center, it is to be all sorts of data establishment to offer contented power supply, air adjustment, communication, redundant with safe demand deposit an environment. The establishment in data center includes all sorts of installation to reach join in the active equipment in frame or machine ark their structured wiring system. All sorts of parameter that data center uses are in standard of TIA-942(North America) , EN50173-5.200X(Europe standard) reach level of international of ISO/IEC draft 24764() in give definition. TIA-942 is a foundation with structured wiring standard, joined environment of power supply, temperature, equipment to put etc more requirements.

As the volatile development of Internet, data center already no longer the IDC that confine is providing Internet application, had developed the data center that makes two big kinds, enterprise with lead plane mandatory model data center.

Enterprise data center: Xin  ヒ returns F of Chi of  of Shen of  of fade of lotus root of ㄐ of ┩ of Mao of bank of large bamboo hat of  clean Zha server of Eb of  of copy of Song of dusk of Song of  of amine of black of ⒌ of province of dream of  of  of チ of ⒒ of  of guest of deceive of where of lens of  of Yu of Ju Huan of neon of travel of Qia of  of fade of enemy of large bamboo hat, .

Lead plane is mandatory model data center: ┥ of Mao of Ken of evil spirit  wades Fu of  coerce ⑾ Zhui dash forward? of  of  of  of チ of full of Jing of  of  Mao ┦ if the) such as Web service or VPN service. Center of two kinds of data all uses same equipment and wiring, but lead plane is mandatory model the need that data center still has partition and safe side. For example, a big client likelihood general lead plane is mandatory be in data center, its lead plane needs to segregation rises and limit a visit.

No matter use above,centers of any a kind of data must have tall bandwidth, manage the main demand of gender and sex of high on the safe side high density, high.

In the application of data center tall bandwidth, the transmission bandwidth that cable of wire of 6 kinds of UTP offers 1Gb/s is lowermost requirement. A kind of new sort, TIA calls 6A kind, ISO calls EA kind, be offerred to serve as the level that achieves 10Gb/s of 100 meters of distances to transmit rate in balancing double skeining thread, already in the very fast construction that applies in center of new generation data. For instance bank of Sun Microsystems, beautiful banner, broken bits makes trade of drug of industry of drug of bank, collect family name, brightness luck is to use the United States etc Kang Pu's newest GigaSPEED X10D product, build the IT network infrastructure of tall bandwidth, the high speed that realizes 10Gb/s above leads application, for company creation more profit is mixed occupational bigger market and provide first-class client service.
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