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Development of Harbin Institute of Technology goes but directional the cascade p
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The physicist of Chinese Harbin Institute of Technology is emulated through the computer, reveal a kind of simple cascade (design of structure of Cascade) photon crystal, this structure is had from collimation (the character of Self-collimating) , can change the input energy of about 80% into directional (the beam of light with radiative Directional) , because this can be effective,the ground goes to smooth coupling wave guide of form of fiber-optic, backbone (in Ridge Waveguides) and lens.

Breath out big Ding Weijiang (Weiqiang Ding) the gentleman expresses, structure of this photon crystal can produce a lot of light beam from collimation, the light that the result exert of experience of these be concerned with of each other of beam of light shoots has height directional. Ding and his colleague admits they are not the first groups that advance this kind of idea, but think their design can be made easily come out. In their design, move above all a cylinder in dividing crystal of photon of square crystal lattice, make its become photon crystal wave guide, be in then of wave guide piece like shooting a face to enclothe layer and one original structure but the photon crystal that dimension magnifies.

Earlier ever other studies a group to put forward, the surface has periodic groove (the metallic photon crystal of Periodic Corrugation) is had directional the character that puts light, the basis breaths out the view of big group, the light that place of their structure of cascade photon crystal emits but with former rival, but want in production respect much simpler.

This research group is part time domain way with narrow difference (FDTD) will calculate the mode of output field and transmission coefficient. Ding expresses, computational time is their biggest challenge, at present they are with 2 dimensions the model accelerates computational process, nevertheless for press close to actual, they plan to be changed into actualer three-dimensional structure, adopt finer check point to calculate.

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