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WTD 10Gb/s light sends and receive module to be labelled national emphasis new p
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Send plan word 〔 according to division of state of ministry of science and technology 2006 〕 377 files, the project 10Gb/s of WTD research and development sends and receive module to be labelled solely national emphasis new product. Before this, 10Gb/s light sends and receive module to already was labelled new product of key of city of Hubei province, Wuhan. 10Gb/s light sends and receive module project to originate " 15 " national hi-tech development plans 863 plans, the country is being represented to be in in this period the advanced technique level of this domain. WTD takes the lead in developing a 10Gb/s light to send and receive syncretic module in home, realize industrialization. This light sends and receive module is a two-way module (series) , use at be layer of SDH smooth physics and report paragraph the electricity with compatible SDH is provided between the layer / smooth interface. It is in compositive on the smooth catapult of a 10Gb/s and a foundation of the smooth receiver of 10Gb/s, farther compositive 16:1Answer with (MUX) and 1:16 solution answer with (DeMUX) function. This module centers electric signal of high speed 10Gb/s in module interior to handle, exterior report interface is the signal of low speed data of 622Mb/s. Additional, clock still is included in module integrated circuit and road of clock extensive telegram in reply, have 3R function. This module uses design of plan of high speed CMOS, union is efficient nonlinear design of temperature control circuit and distinctive envelope come loose hot design, make module acquires property of low power comsumption, implementation module works steadily at - 5~ 75oC limits; Apply signal integrality to analyse design method and design self-correcting to adjudicate the door is restricted circuit, realize module tall sensitivity: - 18dBm(model is worth) , - 20dBm(is the smallest value) ; Design low noise clock to handle circuit and circuit of power source allocation, came true to shake exceedingly goodly function: Inside 4MHz~80MHz bandwidth, output shakes typical cost 0.05UIpp; is inside 20kHz~80MHz bandwidth, output shakes the model is worth 0.10UIpp; Design novel laser to configure circuit, implementation sends smooth eye goodly to pursue (Margin 5~20% ) with low transmission price. 10Gb/s light sends and receive module job rate to be able to arrive 9.953Gb/s or 10.7Gb/s(FEC) . Interface satisfies ITU-TG.691, G.783, G.825, telcordia GR-253-Core and OIF-SFI4-01 standard are normative. 10Gb/s light sends and receive module applicable to transmit a domain at high speed telecommunication, also can use at domain of communication of high speed data at the same time, light of system of SDH/SONET/DWDM of the short distance in basically be being used at 10Gb/s, long Cheng, high speed accepts web of land with certain boundaries of net, city net of aether of system, 10Gb/s (system of communication of Ethernet) equipment and high speed data. Agreement of much source of international of adopting equation of this series product (300pin 10G Transponder MSA) , have extensive compatibility, facilitating promotion applies and export. This product has been been domestic and international famous equipment manufacturer is used, created better classics benefit, have good market prospect. Carry the research of this project, WTD mastered 10Gb/s to be in charge of core, chip, 10Gb/s PIN/TIA and high speed coupling to enclose wait for core technology, produced own intellectual property, filed patent 4, publish paper many. In the meantime, rely on the research of this project, draft and passed " 10Gb/s light projects module technology condition " and " 10Gb/s light receives module technology condition " occupation standard of two China communication. Because this project obtained good technology and industrialization positive result, obtained Hubei to save scientific ability technology to progress second-class award, progress of technology of Chinese communication society is second-class award, award 2005 year Hubei to save 51 labor certificate of merit. 10Gb/s light sends and receive module to belong to the parts of an apparatus of high-end photoelectron key inside communication domain, the seriation of this product and rapid business are used, 15 " of the need that satisfied equipment of system of communication of our country high speed to develop quickly and national " plan the need that plans to the development of communication, stablize effectively value of foreign congener product, reduce cost of equipment of system of communication of our country light, the strong development that promotes equipment of communication of light of our country high speed and business are used, the competitive ability that enhanced equipment of communication of our country high speed to go up in the international market.

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