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Examine to seek problem source as a result by integrated wiring project
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In September 2006, last a period of time the first Simon cup of 2 months " invitational tournament of the ace that knit a net " reached a climax gradually, 10 call for paper bear the palm person reporter of many domestic famous media that reported this activity with whole journey together, go to Thailand in all, attended to be held in Pu Jidao " Simon knits net ace forum " . From this period begin, we publish month by month a work of these bear the palm, in order to provide dinner for reader. In the meantime, company of the 2nd Simon " invitational tournament of the ace that knit a net " solicit contributinos the job has begun, intended person consult please cup of the 2nd Simon " invitational tournament of the ace that knit a net " advertisement in order to know detailed information.

Examine to seek problem source as a result by integrated wiring project

Shaanxi saves Liang Yan of metric and scientific academy

Summary: Article author examines in integrated wiring project in real work experience, just analyse the reason that unqualified link may exist to get check unit and wiring project, so that adopt cogent and effective rectify and reform measure to assure wiring quality, avoid in the future needless loss.

Keyword: Integrated wiring examines detect quality

One, introductive

Quality of network of information of Shaanxi province computer is supervised examine the station faces a society to begin the major that saves integrated wiring project to examine completely qualitative check orgnaization. According to statistic, entrust the unit that my station detects, integrated without an unit wiring examines one-time pass entirely, most unit must be passed for many times rectify and reform Fang Nengquan ministry through examining, but of extremely individual unit rectify and reform difficulty big, arrive even the degree that does not have method to rectify and reform. In recent years I stand to father to close quality to get check unit, in the meantime, also accumulated analytic problem and the experience that solve a problem, share jointly with everybody now.

2, seek an account from the result

It is suppose below the premise with cable of double skeining thread and cable product all and eligible quality, what pass test result to the problem that exists on quality of integrated wiring project only is unqualified undertake an analysis, seek problem source.

1, the physical wiring such as mistake of foreword of open circuit, line was not passed.


① belongs to subcontract, or partial subcontract project.

② enrols collect to assist project temporarily.

Makes ground level mistake is wiring project mostly it is total package only (the system is compositive) the subcontract of the project or partial subcontract project. When invite public bidding, pay attention to the aptitude of main item in examining Party B total project, qualifications and record of service only, ignore the aptitude of subcontract project to examine. Some wiring projects just are managing cost, normally the practice is after taking a project, enrol collect to assist project temporarily.
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