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American GCI is in in the application in inspecting medium
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Project setting

Medium Inc. is inspected to be located in area of Beijing CBD core in, be located in Chang'an Street along the line, center of adjoin neighbour trade, chinese CCTV accuses directly appear on the market company, stock code - 600088. Medium is inspected in Inc. , medium inspect international advertisement limited company, medium inspect limited company of northward and video technology these 3 companies will be entered halt among them, these 3 companies are to note endowment the company of 3 big platform of on 100 million. Medium is inspected to accuse as the CCTV in intermediary of one handed down from the older generations of the family kind A appear on the market company, company advocate battalion movie and TV films, teleplay programming and sale, movie and TV films base development is mixed manage, equipment of movie and TV is rented and the business such as representative of advertisement of technical service, media. The high definition that world advanced level centered inside Beijing office building is photographed like equipment, later period the equipment that make reachs the atelier that pack, channel of science and education of sole agent CCTV-10 is all advertisement, CCTV, advertisement of edition of mark of trailer of teleplay of 8 gold period of time, serve a concept with distinctive company culture and innovation, serve for domestic and international numerous and well-known company early or late.

   Systematic design is contented make the high speed that reachs image transmit need with prospective movie and TV now

Beijing office building is integrated all information order wiring system plan more than bits 1500, use American GCI6 entirely kind wiring system solution, trunk subsystem uses GCI4 core much model is fiber-optic, partial information feature collects consumed fine to arrive desktop solution, can satisfy high speed data to transmit a requirement. Mainframe house is set in B inside room of 21 weak electric machinery, each set cent to match space, each floor passes cable of wire of weak report mainstay between cent layout join of weak report bridge comes advocate layout wearing, came true thousand to the desktop.

According to Beijing office building current real requirement considers domestic and international IT is newest trends and development trend, integrated wiring system is emphasized when the design emphasize its fault tolerance function and fight calamity function, during at the same time mature system is used, network, terminal, information is nodded increase what wait for equipment appropriately, the system still asks to get used to normal load to move. Integrated wiring system serve and must transmit ability what can provide the multimedia application such as contented data, image, frequency, video, and the computer that the network such as the can convenient port that offers through telegraphic operation business or INTERNET uses a variety of means and whole nation and world each district undertakes communicating. To can suit henceforth 10 years longer even inside the high speed of network and communication technology develops, wiring system considers the network technique that suits current popularity when the design, especially the requirement of the technology of uses generally thousand aether net on international. Not only can reflect advanced international level, and have height to open a gender, the intelligence that can be a standard building provides an efficient, standard and open fundamental platform.
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