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AboveNet chooses the 10GbE of JDSU to check module
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The provider that provides fiber-optic link service technically for enterprise and operation business -- transmit what AboveNet company purchased the transmission module in JDSU T-BERD/MTS8000 platform to ensure net of aether of tall bandwidth 10G serves a few days ago reliably. This module is the effective complement of product line of existing to JDSU T-BERD/MTS-8000, also be one of test program of the port of the richest innovation that the minority inside course of study supports aether net a few times to check to support SONET/SDH to check again already.

This transmission module has the help the AboveNet of a large number of fiber-optic network resource to begin 10GbE effectively to serve, also can help AboveNet check the 10GbE link of its user, this module weight is light, have 7 kilograms only, can very conveniently compositive there other service and provider. The Doug Jendras of senior vice president of AboveNet states these 10GbE of JDSU check platform to be able to satisfy their current need not only, still can satisfy its to did not expand demand. Besides, the outstanding client service that AboveNet provides to oneself feels proud.

JDSU near future transmitted the function of module to undertake strengthening to its, at the same time with support multi-line road checks, next generation are based on Q-in-Q (namely VLAN stack) technical network, the spot of fiber-optic passageway of VPLS and MPLS technology and 1-/2-Gbit checks application.

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