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Standard of 3 big 3G should have position in China
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Yang Peifang: Standard of 3 big 3g should have Yang Peifang of _ of times of position science and technology in China: Standard of 3 big 3g should have position in ChinaThe letter produces a Yang Peifang of telegraphic academy assistant chief engineer column of 3G of dialog of science and technology of sina of be a guest
On April 28 morning 11 when, the letter produces sina of be a guest of Yang Peifang of assistant chief engineer of ministry telecommunication academy " conversational 3G " column, communicative China starts the issue such as the opportunity of 3G and 3G market demand. Lin Yugong of correspondent of subeditor of edition of life of number of daily of light of chatting engage by special arrangement, chairman chairs this field. It is chatting memoir below.   Compere Lin jade is red: Each netizen, everybody is good in the morning, we arrived to believe sina of be a guest of assistant chief engineer of researcher of telecommunication yield a ministry Mr. Yang Peifang please today " conversational 3G " column, mr. Yang and each netizen is asked to make acoustical call first below.    Yang Peifang: Each netizen, everybody is good, very glad to concern the issue of telegraphic respect with everybody discussion.    Compere: Mr. Yang, 3G did not go up to had argued on very long, do you think to go up the need that 3G is average user or the need that economy grows?    Yang Peifang: I think telegraphic market has the development law of its oneself, have the market or the demand that see broad consumer have this side finally of course, consumer spending information and communication have slowly from elementary to advanced course, because whole society moves toward informatization by industrialization, in this respect people is opposite the demand of informatization is higher and higher, won't less and less. Resemble now more offer intellectual activity, this kind of message is not blocked. Telegraphic consumer also is such, besides call besides, pass the communication of information data side, more and more cannot leave, include video, put to telegraphic business, besides high quality communicate besides, consumer gets online quickly with the mobile phone even, ask for a few short messages to cease. Still watch a few short film through the mobile phone at the same time, still a handle machine and electronic map union rise, I take a new place, can find present position and the establishment all round through fixed position, gas station and cafeteria, these have need. In the meantime, consumer goes on the road, think of the home in gas still leaving, very dangerous, can pass mobile phone observation the circumstance in the home. Come home to be able to open air conditioning before even, through control the system can open water heater. Still can pass a mobile phone to be done to bank and shop even trade, this kind of demand will be increasing. Will tell from whole process, I want to be among information consumption, increasing appearance is changed, individuation. So I once had explained a point of view, telecommunication should rise with informatization confluence, can produce bigger market, this is my idea. Of course, business it may not be a bad idea, operation person it may not be a bad idea or manufacturer it may not be a bad idea, want the requirement around consumer finally, him deploy the new product that business perhaps develops him, this is hasten of place of a general trends.   
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