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JDSU bought the WSS technology of Metconnex
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JDSU announces to buy the WSS technology of Canadian Metconnex company and patent today, but mere be confined to buys a technology, JDSU did not plan to buy latter business affairs branch and project technology personnel.

According to the agreement that both sides reachs, the intellectual property that JDSU will spend 2.5 million beautiful circle to buy Metconnex (IP) , meanwhile, both sides agrees to remove all pending lawsuit, the prosecution that includes JDSU to encroach its patent and intellectual property to Metconnex company case.

JDSU states WSS technology is right its flagship product -- quite crucial technology is ROADM, the technology will enhance addition Metconnex IP further JDSU is in the banner area of ROADM domain, extend new product line.

JDSU claims now they can provide the most complete ROADM product line on the world, the wavelengh lock that includes to be based on liquid crystal technology is decided implement the version, version that is based on technology of PLC of smooth road of planar wave guide and the WSS version that are based on MEMS.

As we have learned, metconnex is the company of product of a Hi-PLC WSS, and last year JDSU was a name to sue this company with patent tort, in fact, the prosecution of JDSU quickened Metconnex this what start a company newly is ruined, latter because financial insolvency is relevant charge and announced to close down in September this year.

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