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WiMAX wireless broadband emerges Guangdong becomes independent still hard group
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3G even within sight but beyond reach, when license plate extends is unknown, and the wireless broadband of 3.5G -- WiMAX has thrown operation stealthily in Guangdong. Just, it is not to use those who call, use however wireless get online.

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The academic and top rate of WiMAX can amount to 75M, this is meant, high speed is wireless online dream is becoming reality quickly.

   Guangdong net connects WiMAX of complete province layout

Chinese net is connected most active on the construction of WiMAX. Be being returned when other operation business is cautious only when exploring, the net is connected had begun to build a network large-scaly. The reporter confirmed recently, guangdong net is connected already saving all city synchronism to build WiMAX network completely at present.

This year April, guangdong net is connected chose supplier of two WiMAX equipment through invite public bidding namely, among them card of Er of A of Shanghai shellfish Er beats love to establish the letter, Xi Menzi, competitor such as bright dispatch especially, with one action took the item of 14 ground city.

   Use at " last kilometer " the broadband is received

And Guangdong net connects a personage to tell a reporter, the construction of WiMAX is pressing a plan to advance at present, there is application in each main ground city. "The area of business affairs of the Milky way that is in Guangzhou for instance already cloth net, basically use at ' last kilometer ' wireless broadband is received. Basically use at ' last kilometer ' wireless broadband is received..

According to introducing, a WiMAX base the sector area that stands to be able to enclothe 5 kilometers at present. Inside the range that covers in signal, the user can be received through a kind of terminal unit and process signal, next computer of join of repass wire cable, final implementation gets online.

This personage says, use wireless means to realize a broadband to enter door, need not laid wire cable, can save many wiring cost, construction investment wants than wired broadband small, and the plan of project is gotten quickly also much. "More important is, wireless receive avoided to develop the contradiction between business with Lou Yu, village, no longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. No longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to..

Know such burgeoning operation business to Guangdong net, appeal is here. Be in southern region after all, the net is connected belong to market challenger, should infiltrate telegraphic and wired broadband already the area of first impressions are strongest, must take the step of poor dissimilation.

Before this, the message says, the WiMAX wireless broadband that Guangdong net connects receives project gross to be more than 600, be up to now the WiMAX project with Asia-Pacific the most large-scale area. And head period investment is controlled in 10 million yuan of RMBs, if the contract is total tribe is solid, total amount will achieve 280 million yuan. But Guangdong net connects market personage to express to the reporter, what throw and be inferior to a hearsay is so big.
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