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POF fiber-optic system applies mediumly in the local area network
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One, overview

Develop increasingly in IT today, it is very important that data is transmitted, to satisfy high-speed computer local area network the application such as order programme of TV of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, conference, video seeks rate a when faster, information transmits the information with larger amount to transmit agency to become current data science main task. Current, in information transmission process, what can use is the cupreous cable that is medium with the metal, the quartz that is medium with vycor is fiber-optic and burgeoning what be medium with high polymer material is plastic and fiber-optic. Because cupreous cable cannot support the demand that transmits requires tall bandwidth, and the defect such as the ability difference that fights electromagnetism interference, be being replaced by fiber-optic place stage by stage. The quartz that Sunday run information transmits is fiber-optic already wide application, however, the quartz that although be used at replacing cupreous cable to regard as,transmits medium is fiber-optic, with its electromagnetism of small loss, Gao Kang disturbs the characteristic such as the gender to be in remote definite advantage showed in transmitting, but be in fiber-optic to door, and fiber-optic in the concentrated stone's throw application to the desktop, as a result of join difficulty costly, installation maintains big, cost charge is advanced reason, cannot get extensive promotion.

Develop ceaselessly as the transmission rate of the computer network of office environment at the same time, the application that high number leads a top of a table is more and more general, the speed of LAN also turns to 100Mbps by 10Mbps, and will develop very quickly arrive 1000Mbps. Transfer the wiring system of data for computer network, in the artery of join floor, because the amount is little, use much model quartz extensively at present fiber-optic, and go up in horizontal way, appropriate without a kind still agency can offer enough bandwidth already, still hold concurrently at the same time have setup convenient, cost capability of cheap, interference rejection is strong the material that waits for an advantage. And new with plastic and fiber-optic to transmit intermediary completely fiber-optic network has afore-mentioned full good point. Plastic and fiber-optic diameter is in commonly 0.3 - 3mm, big diametical appropriate at join, smooth coupling efficiency is taller also, still hold softness concurrently at the same time, fight bend, be able to bear or endure shake, the advantage that fights radiation, low-cost, construction to go to the lavatory is replaceable traditional quartz is fiber-optic the cable that reach copper, suit to apply at join to nod subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy of more local area network very much.

Use plastic and fiber-optic tectonic extensive local area network subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, need the product of two respects, namely the equipment of plastic and fiber-optic network of passive wiring join product and active
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