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Try the craft that considers integrated wiring system and check and accept
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Summary: Undeniable, experience is acting very main effect in the design of integrated wiring system and construction, same, science carries out relevant regulations normatively, in assure a system craft and acceptable not allow to ignore likewise in the process. Keyword: Integrated wiring; Craft; Check and accept

One, installation craft requirement

It is OK that we know integrated wiring system cent is 6 different subsystem, so be aimed at each subsystem, we can be our integratedly 4 stature interval again, the basis is different child interval, we made different installation technology:

1 . Between 1 equipment

The appropriate between equipment is in the intermediate position of trunk subsystem; The appropriate between equipment stands by building cable to introduce area and network interface as far as possible; The positional appropriate between equipment facilitates ground connection; The room temperature between equipment should maintain spend in 10-30 between, opposite temperature should maintain 20%-80% , due and good ventilated; A person operating from within in coordination with outside forces between equipment has enough equipment to install a space, its area lowest should not is less than 10 smooth rice. The headroom before frame or machine ark should not be less than 800mm, the headroom from the back should not be less than 600mm; Wall hung layout equipment bottom leaves the height of the ground unfavorable to be less than 300mm;

1 . 2 have sex

Join the number between, the floor limits that should serve from place will consider. If distribution cable length is in 90m limits less than, appropriate setting has sex, when exceeding this one range, can set two or many have sex, corresponding ground is in have sex inside or proximate place installs main thoroughfare. Hand over the area between to should not be less than 5 smooth rice, when like enclothed news the dot exceeds 200, answer to raise an area appropriately.

1 . 3 cable

Appropriate of layout subsystem cable wears a canal or bridge of edge metal cable lays, below the floor when cable cloth is put when, should choose a floor to get offline to be worn groovy wiring, network floor wiring, high according to ambient conditions (activity) the installation means such as wiring of floor wiring, the piping below the floor.

Perpendicular passageway has trunk subsystem 3 kinds of means such as shaft of cable aperture, conduit, cable can offer an alternative, appropriate uses cable shaft means. Horizontal passageway can choose to bury dark canal or cable bridge means beforehand.

When enlarge logarithm cable is being worn inside the canal, the utilization rate tubal way of linear pipeline is 50%-60% , the utilization rate tubal way of bent housing road should be 40%~50% . Wear inside the canal when putting 4 pairs to wring cable, sectional utilization rate should be 25%-30% . The sectional utilization rate of line chamfer should not exceed 50% .
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