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Communication transmits the comprehensive analysis of medium and network wiring
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Network system is by operating system and network hardware of two major composition. The operating system of the PC, wait like DOS, OS/2, Windows, it is resource of management board ministry, processing application process visits the request of these local resource. Same, key of network operating system depends on management sharing resource, the operating system of patulous PC, make apply a program to be able to visit these to share resource conveniently. And network hardware, be like: Bridge of adapter of interface of medium of communication of server, workstation, connective, network, net, repeater, road by implement wait for hardware equipment, it is to form network develop to attack structural postulate. Correspond among them the main component that transmission medium is network system, it is the 2nd woof of computer network; And integrated wiring technology is tectonic network system, implementation the crucial technology that communication transmits.

One, computer network transmits medium

Be in alone before a kind of service hopes to be able to be shared, the computer must want to an access and other computer undertake contacting. At present the computer uses electric current, radio wave, microwave to perhaps use the spectral energy in electromagnetism spectrum to transmit signal, the 2nd woof that the access that transmits these energy is computer network - - transmission medium. Before building a network, first issue decides the most appropriate transmission medium namely. Transmission medium can be divided for wired and wireless two kinds. Wired it is to use cable or cable to act as only transmission conductor, and wireless criterion need not. Avery kind of transmits the capacity of medium to be defined with frequency band width, we often abbreviation is bandwidth, it defines frequency scope with Hz. It is opposite to the measurement of bandwidth, code as transmission distance and adoption signal because of the capacity of medium of the technology differ and change.

In computer network, the main problem that we care is:

* is in intermediary is effective in bandwidth, can have data of how many binary system (0 or 1) can be transmitted by reliable ground - - transmission rate; * is in transmission process, the trend that energy is weakened or lack fidelity degree - - damply; The energy to normal signal impact that * is restrained hard and leads - - interference.

1, cable of double skeining thread

Double skeining thread (TP) it is a kind of the most commonly used transmission medium. Double skeining thread is the cupreous wire composition that has insulation protection by two, wire of two insulation copper, wring together each other by certain density, can reduce string of faze and signal the degree of radiative influence, the electric wave that each lead emits in guiding telex is defeated is met the electric wave place that is gone up to give out by another line is quits.
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