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EPON is the optimal solution of FTTH
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Although some closer the rate of year of communication backbone net got very big rise, but the user receives a network receive rate to did not get marked improvement from beginning to end.

The swift and violent development of Internet enlarged this one difference further, "Last miles " remain high speed local area network and the bottleneck that high capacity corresponds between backbone net. With fiber-optic the FTTH that is transmission medium (fiber-optic arrive door) the ultimate goal that makes in the huge advantage of bandwidth respect it becomes prospective network to accept evolution. Passive optical network (PON) the technology because its are managing convenient, equipment anticipates dimension of circuit resource, carry cost is inferior what wait for the advantage of many sided and be considered as FTTH is culminating the way that settle. ATM passive optical network (optical network of passive of net of APON) , aether (optical network of EPON) and auspicious bit passive (GPON) is current the system of organization of 3 kinds of technologies that exists in PON domain. Because whole of current ATM technology develops suffocate suffocate, ATM removes a net gradually in home, because this APON is in,home did not obtain development. EPON and GPON who became dominant FTTH spring tide current debate heat. The dominant both neither that isolated Cong Mou compares which kinds of technology to will become FTTH on one hand also does not have real significance objectively. From the maturity of technology and industrial catenary and the angle that whether accord with national condition only ability setting out gets truly accurate result.

1.Technical maturity

1.1 standards maturity

GPON technology is the standard of another broadband PON that establishs after APON of afterwards of FSAN / ITU. ITU passed formally 2003 and issued 3 standards in GPON series of standard: G 984 1. G 984 2 and G 984 3. As a kind of agile Jibiteguang fine receives net technology, GPON is believe with ATM yuan with GFP(Generie Framing Procedure, the current rules that become frame) bear the weight of much professional work, the rate with higher support and symmetrical / are asymmetrical working way, still have the capacity of very strong support much professional work and OAM at the same time, and can offer corresponding QoS to all sorts of business types assure. Accordingly, the standard of GPON is quite complex, technical implementation difficulty is very tall.

The standardization job of EPON is main by the 802 3ah of IEEE namely EFM (net of the first mile of aether) the working group will finish, its metric system decides basic principle is: The standardization that undertakes EFON inside 802 3 architecture as far as possible works. On the foundation of as similar as APON structure and G 983, replace ATM technology to regard data link layer as the agreement with Ethernet technology, form to be able to offer bigger bandwidth, the knot of lower cost and stronger professional ability is fit.
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