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Simon promotes wiring of 10G/bs screen cable efficiency
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A newest research makes clear Simon lab, use Simon wide welcome MAX RJ45 modular interface / of socket enhance 6 kinds (6A kind) the termination efficiency that screen receives plug-in unit to be able to raise screen cable significantly. This research is to be in simulative undertakes in actual installation environment, the termination time that measures actually is less than 3 minutes. Land Http://www.siemon.com/go/MAXvideo to be able to watch the kinescope of what is actually happening that termination of module of 10G 6A F/UTP MAX operates.

This module has a variety of structures that install easily and characteristic, improved wiring efficiency thereby. MAX series is peculiar " avoid a tool " the design is in assure to enhance performance of 6 kinds of channel while, leave out make a line this one measure, . The tool that undertakes module termination place needs is common tool and one pares line tool, for instance Simon Allprep™ pares line implement. Use pare line implement shuck wire cable is cortical and after turning over screen layer can get very easily according to wiring order 4 pairs of lines fixed position reachs in the wiring hat that has stress to eliminate a function. Oversheath of use wire cable is gotten stuck to tighten by wiring cap, the line outside will extending wiring cap again cuts the termination that goes finishing module to the part, having these move while, of screen layer successional had gotten assuring, need not have the move of ground connection additionally. Embed module Simon TERA®-MAX layout is worn, the ground connection of module was finished.

Tony Veatch of manager of unconscious screen product says on the west: "The demand when be being installed actually all can consider when all unconscious products are being designed on the west. Come a few years our screen product scores a success in whole Europe. And American market and the national market that have demand to be not screen product only originally are right now the demand of screen product of Simon also shows ascendant trend. Because enter the 10G of the market to be not classics of cabled yarn of screen UTP line recently,the reason that generates this one current is bigger, the price also on the high side, because system of this screen wiring showed higher sexual price,compare. "

Cent of module of MAX of 10G 6A screen is mixed for plain top, inclined mouth Keystone3 sort, the screen that applies to external diameter of all insulation conductor to be 0.50mm) of – of 22-24 AWG(0.65 or complete screen (every are opposite S/FTP – screen and integral screen) wire cable, and all have T568A and T568B wiring norms.

Channel of screen of complete 10G 6A by screen 10G 6A MAX interface, brand-new cable of wire of flyer diameter screen, TERA®-MAX receives face plate and screen 10G 6A MC™ quickly to jump the BladePatchTM screen that line and the application that Simon innovates spend an environment at high density jumps group. This system includes face plate of many works area, surface to install option and complete set Simon frame and product of wire cable management. Like other solution is being cheated on the west together, all end that by Simon attestation installation business undertakes installing to end solution of 10G 6A F/UTP can offer the overall quality that is as long as 20 years to assure.
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