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Lab of Er of bright dispatch shellfish achieves milestone of domain of net of 10
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A few days ago, communication can exhibit the European light that knocks gently in France accept is held (ECOC) on, announce in an article that lab of Er of shellfish of bright message science and technology refers, be in first 2, the realized 107Gb/s, 10 channel successfully data on fiber-optic circuitry transmits 000 kilometers, should transmit a distance to make clear adequately, this technology hopeful of shellfish Er lab applies at equipment network of welcome technology of 100Gb aether net.

In this article, researcher of shellfish Er lab still announces, use be similar to at present the hardware equipment of 40Gb/s network, realized an electron successfully multichannel answer is used with multichannel solution answer corresponds to blast off and be received what flow with 107Gb/s. Because used 107Gb/s to need minute of orthogonality phase shift,key accuses (DQPSK) , the high speed electron that shellfish Er lab uses reachs photoelectron technology, its speed asks to compare place of existing 40Gb/s system to promote with the technology only 25% . The prototype of the regulator of DQPSK of acerbity lithium of completely compositive niobium that uses in the experiment establishs information communication academy by Japan (NICT) mix company of cement of friendly big slope is offerred. Use the technology that is similar to business to use a product, it is Bell what the lab strides this is important one pace, the mark is worn with reasonable unit information transmission cost is produced and install 100Gb/s network, becoming practical gradually.

Martin Zirngibl of chief inspector of lab of Er of shellfish of company of bright message science and technology says: "Shellfish Er lab begins a large number of research to work, devote oneself to to offer broadband network technology for operation business, make net and backbone net can support their city land with certain boundaries to the enterprise applies and consume the brought IP such as order programme of the kind of business, video that be like IP the swift and violent growth of communication discharge. We use the revolutionary headway that the respect gains at the same time to make clear with package in transmission distance and business, the form of primitive aether net that 100Gb/s serial technology can use already completely at realizing data to correspond to flow is transmitted. The form of primitive aether net that 100Gb/s serial technology can use already completely at realizing data to correspond to flow is transmitted..

Current data business basically passes the WDM backbone net of 10Gb/s to transmit, now and then the SONET/SDH that also uses 40Gb/s or OTN join. This research of shellfish Er lab devotes oneself to to carry the development of technology and fundamental framework, data of net of implementation 107Gb aether flows (100Gb data increases the 7% additional expense that are used at error correction) vast region of operation business class is transmitted and exchange.
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