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XILINX announces to roll out PLANAHEAD 8.2 design to cover
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Performance dominant position of farther patulous 65-NM VIRTEX-5 FPGA

New edition software can raise the signal integrality with accelerate design astringent rate and was offerred function, better to analyse ability

Contest spirit considers a company (Xilinx, inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX) announces to PlanAhead is rolled out since this day™Statified design and analytic software 8.2 edition. Spirit of contest of support of new edition software thinks of parts of an apparatus of the company's newest 65nm FPGA of Virtex™-5 LX series. The compositive software environment that cooperates Sai Lingsai company (ISE™ ) design a tool, planAhead 8.2 software came true to compare competitive solution tower above the performance dominant position of two speed grade and cost advantage.

PlanAhead 8.2 can develop logic of technology of Virtex-5 LX ExpressFabric™ , 550MHz DSP48E adequately piece and the distinct advantage that unit of agile clock management brings, reach unapproachable performance level thereby. In addition, planAhead 8.2 still offerred powerful accurate signal integrality to analyse a function, it is OK that the graphical user interface that increases further also makes design staff more apace evaluates a variety of designs to implement strategy, accelerate the rate of sequential astringent thereby.

Promote signal integrality and design productivity

PlanAhead 8.2 offerred an examination to increase advantageous position average synchronism changes output (WASSO) the function that analyses bounds. Use this one function, design personnel can restrict FPGA to output the limit that the land that carries existence rebounds conveniently, the worker worker of other parts of an apparatus that prevents FPGA place drive thereby makes a fault. Such, the ground that designs personnel to be able to run I/O group more efficiently rebounds, obtain better signal integrality thereby.

PlanAhead 8.2 expanded ExploreAhead designs the function that tries a tool further, a variety of designs that the user can try to run different position to plan implement plan, achieve the result of optimization thereby. These different designs carry out plan to be able to move by alignment, also can run paralell when be put in many processor move. In addition, exploreAhead tool still improved catalog management and process management function, strengthened with the FPGA in ISE environment stream those who make application is compositive.

The management that the other of software of PlanAhead 8.2 edition strengthens to still included to improve physics to restrain and IO bring crural property view, provide more fluent design attempt and distribution program environment thereby.

About software of Sai Lingsai PlanAhead

PlanAhead software optimized Sai Lingsai to be mixed integratedly the design stage between layout wiring, to designed personnel to offer stronger control is mixed have an insight into ability, the frequency that makes they can reduce a design to relapse achieves Fmax to design an object. This tool allows to design personnel to use the design method that is based on clock piece to fall wiring congest lowest, simplify clock and interrelate the problem that the implementation scheme that complexity tries to differ will come to avoid to may appear downstream.
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