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Big Tang Gaohong leads domestic entire network solution tide
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Product of entire network of major of big Tang Gaohong leads country " Total Solution " entire network solution tide

In last few years, increase as enterprise IT defray, reach telegraphic course of study to increase investment strength in succession, the market of equipment of global data network 2005 appears a scene of a growth. Occupy statistical data to show, market of Chinese network equipment rose 25% 2004 compared to the same period 2005. The center that at the same time each big operation business competes is put in Internet, broadband to be received reach data content to offer, the appreciation business side such as industry application, because this data network is built,invest strength to be increased further. The data network of industry of telecommunication of and rather than applies in 2005 already began like a raging fire, help the growth that used the market further. 2006, market of Chinese data network is lifted once more " Total Solution " entire network solution and upsurge of mode of product conformity sale, believe growth of data network market will have bigger stimulative effect pair this year.

Inc. of technology of network of data of big Tang Gaohong (Www.gohigh.com.cn) it is home puts forward earlier " Total Solution " one of manufacturer. As appear on the market company, big Tang Gaohong is dedicated all the time of the research and development at product of data communication domain and integral solution offer. Be in early 2001, big Tang Gaohong took the lead in rolling out network of aether of the first ten thousand core by switching equipment 9108 (galactic Yu Heng) , resounding the IT industry at that time; Later, big the Tang Dynasty ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, already fashioned whole set switching equipment and network safety product formidable battle array; Big Tang Zeng adds up to wiring product to also maintain the momentum that grows steadily all the time for years, already became the before 3 shell inside course of study; Big Tang Gaohong serves as ceaseless innovation, ceaseless surmount specialization data network company, 2005 once product of series of its video conference is rolled out, be inspected domestic and internationally dispatch manufacturer labels the strongest strong opponent; Big 2006 Tang Gaohong weighs a fist to hit out once more, product of series of whole set VOIP, established " Total Solution " entire network the cornerstone of solution and sale of conformity of entire network product, become the leader of the technology in burgeoning enterprise and market inside data network domain.

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